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About Axel Obiger - english text

Axel Obiger opened in september 2009 at Brunnenstrasse 29 in Berlin Mitte (Center) as a artist run space for contemporary art. In addition to dialogue shows and curated group shows, every year Axel Obiger presents a supporting program of performances, lectures, discussions and artist talks. Collaboration with guest artists and curators is one key aspect.


In form of an open dialogue between a guest artists and Axel Obiger artists, various artistic contexts and methods of working are elucidated in order to intensify the exchange between different positions. 

In our group shows and open-ended experiments on issues such as burnout, sociological icons in body and language, consumption, authorship and identity. Axel Obiger is tracing scientific and cultural discourses.


Who is Axel Obiger?

Axel Obiger is a fictitious gallerist. The project-space “Axel Obiger” is an artwork itself, questioning role models and mechanisms of the art system. Alke Brinkmann, Susanne Britz, Thilo Droste, Saeed Foroghi, Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Harriet Groß, Achim Kobe, Gabriele Künne, Jorge Lopez, Matthias Moravek, Enrico Niemann and Maja Rohwetter are Axel Obiger. 

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