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vom 1.12.2022 bis 14.01.2023

Finissage: am Samstag, den 14.01.2023, ab 18 Uhr


Videokunst im Fenster von Axel Obiger

 jeweils von 16-20 Uhr



Dagmar Schürrer



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Ingar Krauss


Obigers Lichtspiele Winter 2022-23

Dagmar Schürrer

»Dreaming is the mind left to itself«
»We are already history, and we don’t know it«

Video Art in Axel Obiger Window

from Thursday, 1 December to Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 4pm–8pm

Dreaming is the mind left to itself, Digital animation with sound and Augmented Reality application, 2022, 05:23 min.

We are already history, and we don´t know it, Digitally generated animation with sound and Augmented Reality application, 2021, 05:35 min.

In »Dreaming is the mind left to itself« the artist deals with similarities between different states of consciousness – the waking reality, the digital realm, the dream world, drug induced conditions, spiritual meditations – and our feeling of individual presence in them. Each of them having their purpose and allowing humans to access different constructions of reality. Especially the role of dreaming has fascinated artists and researchers for a long time. The neuroscientific theory »The Overfitted Brain Hypothesis« (OBH) compares dreaming to a certain aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For AI to deliver meaningful results it needs to be fed with a sufficiently variable dataset. To increase variations, it can be interspersed with noise and glitches. OBH draws parallels to the purpose of dreaming and argues that it works as a similar noise injection, so our brain can cope with the many self-repeating patterns during waking world. The AR video installation »Dreaming is the mind left to itself« leads the visitor through abstract dreamscapes and digital environments, focused through a vignette reminiscent of Virtual Reality glasses. The imagery gets more and more moshed, suggesting the dissolution of parallel realities.

Realized with NEUSTART Kultur Stipendium of Stiftung Kunstfonds.


In »We are already history, and we don’t know it«, the artist Dagmar Schürrer uses the brain as the central subject of her latest work. For the digital works, Schürrer assembles the abstract with the figurative in a typical manner and creates immersion spaces that oscillate between the physical and virtual spheres. Animated images of the brain and idealised representations of humans are superimposed on abstracted patterns reminiscent of human cell and neuron structures as well as electronic wiring. These image sequences are interrupted by hypnotic tunnel journeys that draw the viewer deeper into the artist’s work. Atmospheric sounds and voice overs create a consciousness-stimulating atmosphere. 

Dagmar Schürrer creates a poetic meditation space. In a contemplative way, it evokes a reflection on the brain as a constitutive component of our being and makes us aware of it. In doing so, the artist establishes analogies between the organ and contemporary technologies, which are mirrored, as it were, in the sentences of the voiceovers.

Dagmar Schürrer is an Austrian new media artist based in Berlin, Germany. She assembles digitally generated objects and animations, text and sound to form intricate video sound montages and installations, often extended by Augmented Reality applications.

Significant international presentation of her work include ICA London; Moscow Biennale for Young Art; Centre Pompidou Paris; Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin; Louvre Auditorium Paris; Transmediale Vorspiel Berlin; Museum of Waste, Changsha, China; SUPERNOVA, Denver; and Diagonale Film Festival, Graz.

She is a research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, where she teaches AR technologies and supports the production of AR applications in the field of art and culture.

As a board member of the Berlin media art association, she is committed to supporting new forms of presentation of contemporary new media art.

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