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Widerhall / Reverberations

BLA Connection 2022, Los Angeles, CA


Opening reception: July 9, 2022, 7-10pm

Exhibition: July 10–23, 2022



Axel Obiger presents:


Alke Brinkmann I Thilo Droste I Juliane Duda I Nathalie Grenzhaeuser I Harriet Gross I Gabriele Künne I Matthias Moravek I Enrico Niemann I Maja Rohwetter


Private view: Thu 11 August, 6-9pm, 13 August - 17 September 2022
Paper gallery, Manchester UK


BY EAR - Los Angeles

Artist reception: April 14, 6 - 8 pm

Exhibition: April 14, 2022 – May 7, 2022

Karte_By ear_LA_Vorderseite_web.jpg

Works by: Alke Brinkmann, Thilo Droste, Juliane Duda, Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Harriet Gross, Gabriele Kuenne, Matthias Moravek, Enrico Niemann und Maja Rohwetter


Concepts by: Johanna Braun, Vanessa Chow, Vita eruhimovitz, Jacob Feige, Laura Greengold, Kirstin Lamb, Michael Neimitz, Liz Nurenber, Kari Reardon, Jackie Rines  & Chris Ulivo


Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles 1206 Maple Ave #523, Los Angeles, CA 


In music, playing by ear is a term for performing a piece from memory and intuition rather than from a proper score. By Ear takes inspiration from this concept and uses it as a model for collaboration between visual artists from Berlin and Los Angeles/New York.


Delayed for almost two years, the exhibition at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery will showcase works created by Berlin based artists following concepts from LA/NYC based artists in the orbit of Tiger Strikes Asteroid.


Each artist in the exhibition has made a new artwork based solely on audio descriptions of an existing artwork created by artists from the other city. It is an exercise in interpretation and imagination and willfully limited communication in an age defined by fluid and constant contact. It is a way for artists to be generous with their ideas, diminish their ego and try to harmonize with a fellow artist from another culture.


This project has been generously supported by the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation.    

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